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Bonfire is born with one core mission: bringing people together to celebrate and enjoy their happiness in life. We specialized in manufacturing exquisite, high quality barbecue grills, with a profound background in the barbecue manufacturing industry going back to the early 90s.  Along the journey we have worked with different world-famous barbecue brands, which giving us many opportunities to perfect our craftsmanship, and product designs. With over 200 workers and a team of professional engineers and product designers, now we are setting our sights on producing top quality grills to satisfy every customers’ grilling experience.

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Bonfire Black Series Grills

Bonfire presents the Black Series Premium Grill as a leader in the industry with the vacuum plated black coating over 304 Stainless Steel for an easy to clean surface that always looks amazing!
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Bonfire Premium Grills

Bonfire presents the  Premium Grill Series offering heavy duty construction and all the features of the more expensive luxury grill brands.
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Bonfire Side Burners

Add a side burner to your outdoor kitchen and expand your outdoor kitchen to include the BONFIRE side burner that's designed for creating sauces or turn it all the way up and steam crabs or boil a large pot of water for corn.
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