Alfa Brio 39-Inch Outdoor Countertop Propane Gas Pizza Oven – FXBRIO-GROA-U


If you’re looking for the best outdoor or indoor wood and gas fired pizza oven, we have the right solution for you. Alfa ovens are made for those who love traditional taste and want to try a real superior cooking experience. Thanks to FORNINOX technology that combines a refractory floor and stainless steel (1/10 in thick) structure, our pizza ovens are ready to use after unpacking, and you don’t have to do hard building works.


Alfa Brio 39-Inch Outdoor Countertop Propane Gas Pizza Oven – FXBRIO-GROA-U

Bring home the Brio to cook the real Neapolitan pizza in 90 seconds!

The Brio Gas Oven gives you flexiability to cook wonderful pizzas, wings, fish and so many other dishes without the hassle of building and cleaning from wood fires. That is what the Brio offers you, an easy to start up, and easy cleanup oven that you will use even when the weather isn’t perfect. It takes only 20 min for the oven to heat up to it’s max temperature of 1000F+. It is able to reach these temperatures due to its burner that runs at 71,000 BTUs/hr. The Brio Oven gives you enough room to cook two pizzas at a time. With a cooking space of 27.5″ wide by 19.7″ deep you will have plenty of space for your two pizzas or for multiple dishes. The Brio oven will become you perfered way to cook, and will be the centerpiece of your backyard. Alfa’s R&D team has succeeded in producing an oven capable of retaining as much  heat as possible by limiting heat loss after a careful study of the cooking chamber’s proportions and fluid flows protected by the Alfa Flue System™ patent; in this way, the heat is trapped for a long time inside the Alfa high-density fire bricks so that they reach the good temperature for an even cooking.


Designed and made in Italy as a result of more than 40 years’ experience in direct heat cooking.

Alfa Forni are synonymous with first-rateness and reliability. If you have a big family or you like throwing pizza parties at your home, with the Brio Oven you will make quite an impression: pizzas, meat and veg, this high-performing oven can do anything!

The stainless-steel dome speeds up heating times like no other gas-fired oven on the market; it’s ready to bake in just 15 minutes!

Its semi-professional cooking chamber and its capacity help you deal with up to 20 people and feed all the guests in no time.

  • Just 20 minutes to sink your teeth into a fragrant pizza!
  • The pyrometer 0°-500°C (32°-932°F) measures the average temperature of the cooking chamber.
  • Plug and play. Easy to install! Just connect to the gas supply and let the fun begin!
  • The oven floor is totally produced in-house as a result of over 40 years of experience.
  • Made in Italy with 8 cm thick insulation.
  • An out-and-out 140 Kg gas stove to cook in your garden!
  • The stainless-steel front is folded and handcrafted by our skilled workers.