Blaze Stainless Steel Island Vent Panel – BLZ-ISLAND-VENT


Over the past few years, I have noticed a trend in safety-related accidents stemming from improperly constructed outdoor kitchen islands. In each case these accidents could have been prevented with simple venting. By nature, propane is heavier than oxygen making it more susceptible to collecting in places without air flow. Natural Gas, although lighter than oxygen, can also build up. These types of gases can and will collect in confined areas, making it imperative that an outdoor kitchen be vented correctly to allow these gasses to escape. The installation of 2 or more vents placed in the areas where gas is present is sufficient to allow oxygen in and unwanted gas out to be detected.


Blaze 6 X 14 Stainless Steel Island Vent Panel – BLZ-ISLAND-VENT

Protect your Blaze Grill from the wind with this quality wind guard. The Blaze wind guard is custom designed for high wind situations, such as coastal areas or balconies. Grilling in strong winds is often challenging. The Blaze Wind Guard allows you to cook on lower settings, keeps the burners lit, and prevents the fire from going out, even in strong winds. Designed to mount within the existing grill cutout or inside the insulated jacket for easy installation.


  • Mounts into existing cutout or insulated grill jacket for easy installation.
  • Shields grill from winds of up to 25 MPH.
  • Heavy-duty 304 stainless steel construction for durability and longevity.
  • This wind guard is designed for use with 40″ Blaze LTE 5-burner gas grills.