Cast Iron Wok – KJ-WOK


Transform your Kamado Joe into a wok and cook stir fry meals outdoors!



Cast Iron Wok – KJ-WOK

The Kamado Joe cast iron wok is perfect for cooking your favorite stir-fry recipes, or for grilling small meats, seafood or vegetables on your Kamado Joe grill. Superior heat retention allows for consistent heating throughout the wok. The balanced weight keeps the wok sturdy on any cooking surface, and 2, comfortable loop handles provide ease in handling. With proper care, this valuable accessory will last a lifetime. The Kamado Joe Cast Iron Wok is especially made for your Kamado Joe grill, however, it can also be used inside the home on your induction, ceramic, electric and gas cooktops and oven.


  • Rugged cast-iron construction heats slowly and evenly
  • Preseason and ready for immediate use
  • Curved sides with rounded deep base for stirring and tossing foods easily