Lion Ceramic Flame Tamer – L89746


Ceramic briquettes have been a popular choice with many grill brands for their even heat dispersing for decades. Heat disbursement is an important function of the gas grill for predictable cooking. Ceramic briquettes are also great at flavoring your food. When the grease drippings drop on the ceramic briquettes and they are burnt off and a delicious smoke aroma adds flavor to your food.


Lion Ceramic Flame Tamer – L89746

The Lion Ceramic Flame Tamers are designed to fit in and replace the stainless steel tent flame tamers that are supplied with your Lion grill. These ceramic tamers are made of high grade Italian ceramic and are design to enhance your grilling experience. The ceramic tubes are self cleaning and offer 40% more coverage than the stock tent tamers. These flame tamers will help keep food from dropping down past the burners and laying in the bottom of the firebox. You can use 1 or up to 4 tamers in the 32″ L75000 or up to 5 units in the 40″ L90000 gas grill.

Lion Ceramic Tamers Enhances your Grilling Experience!


  • High performance ceramic heat tubes with vented flame tamer tray.
  • Italian ceramic radiant heat tubes for intense and even heating.
  • 16 gauge high performance vented flame tamer tray.
  • Replaceable radiant heat tubes.
  • 40% more coverage than stock flame tamers.
  • Over 4 lbs. each in weight