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In 1996, there was a moment of truth. A small group of visionaries had spent more than 30 years building commercial-quality stainless steel equipment for restaurants. But they wanted to try something new. They wanted to apply the same high standards, premier materials, skilled craftsmanship, and never-ending innovation to the world of outdoor cooking. They wanted to take outdoor cooking beyond the grill—expand it to a luxury experience, with craft and quality that ensured it would last, year after year. And so Lynx began—with a small catalog, and a moment of truth: How would the world respond? The world embraced the beautiful Lynx craftsmanship that earned a review as “the world’s greatest grill.” The Lynx proprietary welding technique helped ensure that corners were seamless, eliminating gaps where residues could collect and giving each piece a trademark gleam. Now outdoor kitchens have gained renown, and the Lynx catalog has grown. We still pride ourselves on the purity of our materials, the skills of our people, and the quality of every piece. We still want to share something special—we want you to have the Lynx Life.

Lynx Professional Grills

It’s luxurious living, and hand craftsmanship. It’s foods prepared on the finest materials money can buy. Crafted by those who know their art. New technology designed and implemented by edgy thinkers, determined to elevate the culinary arts, no matter what’s being prepared — from traditional BBQ to luxurious recipes. The Lynx Professional isn’t for show, it's a work of art. It’s not about glamour, it's about cooking on a superior machine. One so well engineered and built, that it can seamlessly blend into an elegant outdoor room, but perform on par with its professional restaurant cousins.
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