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About Affordable Outdoor Kitchens

Our family has always loved the outdoors. I hardly remember a time when the weather was over 60° that we couldn’t be found sitting on our deck or patio, often entertaining friends and family. About 10 years ago, I happened upon a display of built-in grills at a local specialty store. Wow! This was something that had never crossed my mind – an outdoor kitchen. After several weeks of research, I designed a basic L-shaped grill area with a bar. With the help of family and friends, over the course of several weekends, an outdoor entertainment area emerged that was more than I had ever imagined it could be. We used this area from spring to late fall several days a week. Five years later we put a roof over the area, expanded the countertop, added a second grill, refrigerator, and a sound system. Now, we found ourselves using this area even when it was raining or snowing. Read More......