Fire Lock Phoenix Outdoor BBQ and Fire Pit Computer Controller/Timer – FL-PH-.01 (Coming Soon)


Looking to add that extra layer of safety to your fire pit or gas grill?  The Fire Lock Phoenix Controller with Emergency Shut-Off by Fire Lock provides a high quality component to complete your gas fire pit, electric or gas heaters, or gas grill project.



Fire Lock Phoenix Outdoor Security Controller/Timer for Fire Pits, Gas Grills and Gas and Electric Heaters – FL-PH-.01  Patent Pending 16/900346

The new Fire Lock Phoenix Controller will provide the features to make your property safer and more secure. The Controller can be installed to any electronic 12-120V system that has a gas valve, for appliances that don’t have a gas valve we offer the Vulcan Valve to assist the Phoenix Control to provide full control. The controllers keypad allows the owner to issue unique key codes to individuals for a more secure property. The controller has a built in timer and calendar that can be programmed for the amount of time the appliance will run before it turns the appliance off. The timers clock can also be used to make the appliance inactive any time of the day or night. The Fire Lock calendar allows you to shut the appliance down on holidays or special events when the appliance is not needed or needs to be inactive. Other features include an illuminated Emergency shutoff for fast and easy shutdown in the event of an emergency. The memory feature will keep a log of who used the appliance and for how long it was used for total accountability. The Fire Lock Phoenix controller can allow the owner to charge for the gas use in rental properties or commercial establishments.


  • Security Keypad – with ability to store up to 500 unique user codes
  • Illuminated Keys for Night Time Access
  • Works with 120V/24V Systems
  • Easy to install in existing or new applications
  • Run Timer – Programmable run times from 15 mins to 10 hours
  • Auto Run Timer – Programmable start and stop times, great for commercial fireplaces
  • Limit Run Timer – Limits users from using the appliance in back to back run times
  • Omit Timer – Omit time of day, Days of week, and up to 7 calendar dates.
  • Manual Timer- Administration can override security keypad to allow users full
    access to appliance using just the Run Timer features.
  • 3 strikes you’re out –User enters code wrong 3 times the system is locked out for a Programed
    Time set by Administrator.
  • Sleep Mode (locks all user codes out for total shutdown)
  • FIRE-LOCK Red Illuminated off Bar shuts system down** (able see it at night)
  • Bluetooth Application for Administrator Programming only
  • Monetize your gas appliances
  • LCD Display used to Show Run Time left on appliance