About True Flame Premium Products
YOUR BACKYARD CONSCIOUSLY CRAFTED.                                                                                                                                                         The TrueFlame grill redefines value with premium craftsmanship. Available in 40”, 32”, & 25” models, each is packed with all the features you could hope for in a grill. Interior and exterior lighting, square stainless steel cooking grates, heat separators for optimal control make gourmet grilling easy. With the Gold Standard Lifetime Warranty, this is a commercial grade quality grill you can trust. Beauty & durability come together to create this truly high
performance grill.

True Flame Built In Grills

The all-new TrueFlame grills redefine value with premium craftsmanship. This #304 stainless steel grill series is packed with features and a Gold Standard Lifetime Warranty, so you can have the best grilling experience, for life.

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True Flame Gas Side Burners

The TrueFlame Side & Power Burners combine the benefits of an indoor range with the joy of cooking outdoors. The perfect addition to your outdoor kitchen, these appliances offer convenience and performance to your outdoor oasis. With the matching design and exterior LED lights of the TrueFlame grill line, these burners bring high BTU output to boil, cook, or saute while you grill. Upgrade your outdoor kitchen today, so you’re ready for the backyard gathering of a lifetime.

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True Flame Stainless Steel Access Doors

Make your kitchen the way you want it... TrueFlame offers a large variety of high quality 304 grade stainless steel access doors to fit all you outdoor kitchen needs.  For a wonderfully sleek built-in look, all doors offer easy flush mounting and a handy magnetic latch to keep doors closed, secure, and durable.

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TrueFlame Storage Combos

Redefine accessibility in your outdoor kitchen with Trueflame's stainless steel Combo Units. Meticulously designed drawers paired with access doors offer unmatched convenience, ensuring effortless reach to plumbing, wiring, and gas components beneath your workspace. Trueflame's commitment to aesthetic and functionality converges, turning utility areas into seamless integrations.

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TrueFlame Dry Storage Pantry

Offering elegance and practicality, Trueflame's Dry Storage features stainless steel doors leading to spacious shelving and drawers, perfect for your non-perishable essentials. Make your kitchen the way you want it... TrueFlame offers a variety of miscellaneous conveniences, upgrades, and appliances to customize your outdoor space to your liking.  All products feature high-grade stainless steelconstruction for durability and performance.