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There’s no two ways about it. Outdoor gas fire pits face a double-barrel assault from Nature, namely from wind and rain. But HPC designs its products with Nature in mind, to make sure our fire pits function effectively and safely in the field. For example: The Penta Burner sheds rain water in several ways. Each of the five lobes have “weep holes” that drain water. Also, the hub in the center of the burner is sealed to prevent water leaking into the burner.
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HPC Featured Electronic Ignition (EI) Burners

This is our top-of-the-line system featuring the ignition ease with use of a wall switch or handheld remote to control flame as well as auto-relight if the flame is lost.
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HPC Featured Match Light Burners

This is our simplest certified fire pit insert- easy to operate and requires the least amount of maintenance, they come fully asembled and ready to install.
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HPC Fire Pit Media

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