About Our Brands

With more than 60 outdoor barbecue grill brands on the market, each with its own bells and whistles, making a decision can be overwhelming. Backyard barbecues are easy with Affordable Outdoor Kitchens. Our brands have been chosen for their high quality craftsmanship and industry-confirmed reliability.  At AOK we have choosen brands for their cooking power, construction, features and budget and divided them into 3 catagories , Select, Choice and Prime. Our team can help you pick an outdoor barbecue grill that offers stellar cooking features that are appropriate to your lifestyle and budget.


AOK Prime  Featured Gas Grills

Just like expensive high performance sports cars that have impressive 0-60 MPH times, these grills go from 0-700F+ fast. The quality and gauge of Stainless Steel is also tuned to the added demands of these high performance cooking machines. These grills are built in the USA to the highest standards. From Pizza Ovens to Gas Grills AOK selects these Brands as the best cookers avaliable in the world today! BUDGET $$$$$.
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AOK Choice Featured Gas Grills

AOK's Choice Selections feature well balance grills that offer high heat and excellent construction . Many of the grills in this class have innovative features and great warranties  that make them a solid selection in an outdoor kitchen. BUDGET $$$$.
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AOK Select Featured Gas Grills

This is where it starts, good values and good construction to meet the needs of a permanent outdoor kitchen. Most of the grills in this class are made of 304 Stainless Steel and have higher BTU burners than the grills found in Home Centers or Chain stores. These grills are mainly imported but offer Lifetime Warranties on the Burners, Grates and Fireboxes. BUDGET $$$.
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