Emergency Stop with 1 Hour Gas Timer – ESTOP1-0H



Looking to add that extra layer of safety to your fire pit or gas grill?  The E-Stop Mechanical Timer with Emergency Shut-Off by Firegear provides a high quality component to complete your gas fire pit or gas grill project.


Emergency Stop with 1 Hour Gas Timer – ESTOP1-0H

The E-Stop Gas timer solves a number of problems in commercial and residential applications.  The E-Stop Gas Timer is an emergency shut-off, mechanical timer, and manual shut-off gas valve designed to be installed on the inlet side of a gas appliance to enable the user to control the time gas is allowed to flow to a gas appliance. This is a mechanical timer (no batteries or power required) that has the ability to control gas flow for 1-hour (60 minutes) using the ESTOP1-0H model or 2.5-hours (150 minutes) using the ESTOP2-5H model. In addition, both models have an emergency shut-off (red knob) that enables the user to quickly and easily shut the gas completely OFF, should the need arise. The E-Stop Gas Timer body is 4-inches high x 2 ⅞ -inches wide x 2 ⅛ -inches deep and can replace a manual shut-off valve and meet local code requirements as the accessible shut-off valve. It can be use for multiple applications (indoor or outdoor) from gas fire pits, gas grills, gas logs, gas torch lights, etc., wherever a shut-off valve is a requirement or a specified by a customer.This unit also includes an emergency shutoff.

  • Unique all mechanical gas shut-off timer with built-in emergency stop – no power required.
  • High Btu capacity.
  • Safest gas timer available in the industry.
  • Available in 2.5 and 1 hour models.
  • Innovative multi-port design provides installation flexibility.
  • 1/2” NPT inlets and outlets (side and back).
  • Six (6) mounting holes (front and side) for secure installation.
  • Natural gas (NG) or Liquid Propane (LP) – no conversion necessary.