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Fire and humans go way back. Hundreds of thousands of years ago people made fire for heat, light and to protect against predators. Even though we now – fortunately – have other solutions for that:
The Fire Pit Burner is the heart of the system, the burner will determine the size and shape of the fire pit. The burner regulates how much gas will be burned, the appearance of the flame, and how much heat and even the shape and height of the flame. Since there are many different Manufactures, styles and sizes this is where an expert can help guide you. Quality burners are tested and have safety certifications. At this time AOK only sells and stocks CSA Certified burners for your protection and safety. It is important to select the burner before the construction of the fire pit enclosure.

AOK Fire Pit Burner Best Sellers

These burners are the most popular sizes and offer amazing flame and heat levels for that backyard WOW factor!
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AOK Complete Fire Tables & Fire Pit Best Sellers

Before you break ground on a new project, you first need to consider your design preferences. That means learning how to select the perfect colors, shapes and patterns to create an outdoor living space that not only fit your yard, but your lifestyle and vision.
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AOK Fire Pit Media

Get the look you are looking for, from rustic and natural to comtempory to cutting edge we have the fire pit media to met your needs.
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HPC Gas Burners

With strong stainless steel construction, our products provide higher heat tolerance and are safer, last longer and perform better. We combine the most CSA certifications in the industry with the safest and most dependable fire features.
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Warming Trends CrossFire Burners

All parts and pieces of the CROSSFIRE Burner are made from brass. Unlike other burners made from stainless steel, brass is corrosion resistant and will not rust, which eliminates the need for replacement. We’re so confident the product will last, we offer a lifetime warranty on all brass products.
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