Alfresco Built-In Natural Gas Double Side Burner – AXESB-2-NG


We often ask our customers “would you like to add a Side Burner to your project? Most of time the answer is “We had a side burner on our cart grill and never really used it”. The outdoor kitchen functions differently than a cart grill and with the additional counter space it allows you to prep and cook more items comfortably keeping the mess and smells outside. Adding a side burner to your Outdoor Kitchen project will add functionality and allow you to prepare a complete meal outdoors. My first outdoor kitchen didn’t have a side burner, my second outdoor kitchen has a double side burner and purchased a griddle to go over it with a grease trap. It is fantastic for making bacon and eggs on a summer morning.


Alfresco Built-In Natural Gas Double Side Burner – AXESB-2-NG

The Alfresco line up is some of the most powerful gas appliances in the world and this double side burner is no exception. Alfresco’s Dual Side Burner provides the power and control of an commercial kitchen range from boiling pasta and quickly sauteing vegetables to simmering delicate sauces. his Side burner features two recessed 20,000 BTU brass burners,  for wind protection and easy cleaning and better heat distribution. It also features commercial stainless steel with heli-arc welded seams, heavy-duty 3/8-inch dia. Stainless steel cooking grid and includes matching stainless steel cover. The amber colored LED control panel lights match your Alfresco Grills lighting.


  • Dual 20,000 BTU brass burners with 115V electronic ignition.
  • Deeply recessed, sealed top for wind protection and easy cleaning.
  • All commercial stainless steel with heli-arc welded seams.
  • Heavy-duty 3/8″ dia. stainless steel grate
  • Includes matching stainless steel cover.
  • Ideal for boiling, sauteing and simmering your favorite side dishes
  • Add the optional Griddle and cook your Bacon and Breakfast outside!