Blaze Ceramic Pizza Stone With Stainless Steel Tray – BLZ-PZST


Forget the hot dogs, there is nothing like a homemade fresh pizza coming off the grill to share with family and friends.


Blaze 15″x 18″ Ceramic Pizza Stone With Stainless Steel Tray – BLZ-PZST

The Blaze Pizza Stone allows you to cook a large pizza and enjoy family time while conveniently cooking on the Blaze Grill. The frame of the Pizza Stone is made of solid, heavy duty 304 stainless steel, which will remain durable under high temperatures. The baking stone will not crack if exposed to extreme temperature changes.

This stone is specifically designed for Blaze Original and LTE grills, however can be used in other grills by resting on top of the grill grates.


  • The Blaze Pizza Stone Frame is made out of commercial quality heavy duty 304 Stainless Steel
  • The stone is made of durable high-fired refractory stone, which distributes heat evenly and absorbs moisture for a hot crispy pizza.
  • Pizza stone will NOT CRACK no matter how extreme the change of the temperature
  • The pizza stone passed both FDA and ROHS standards.