Blaze LTE Built-In Propane Gas Power Burner – BLZ-PBLTE-LP


We often ask our customers “would you like to add a Side Burner or Power Burner to your project? Most of time the answer is “We had a side burner on our cart grill and never really used it”. The outdoor kitchen functions differently than a cart grill and with the additional counter space it allows you to prep and cook more items comfortably keeping the mess and smells outside. Adding a side burner to your Outdoor Kitchen project will add functionality and allow you to prepare a complete meal outdoors. “My first outdoor kitchen didn’t have a side burner, my second outdoor kitchen has a double side burner and I purchased a griddle to go over it with a grease trap. It is fantastic for making bacon and eggs on a summer morning.”

Power Burners provide up to 100,000BTUs and are used to heat large pots and pans and also steaming crabs. They are also good at very low temperatures for sauces.


Blaze Built-In Propane Gas Power Burner – BLZ-PBLTE-LP

The Blaze LTE Built-in Power Burner consists of an independently controlled 304 cast stainless steel inner and outer burner ring allowing a variety of cooking configurations. The inner ring is rated for 25,000 BTUs, and the outer ring is rated for 35,000 BTUs, for a combined total of 60,000 BTUs. The inner ring is great for simmering sauces and the outer ring is perfect for large skillets and pans. Use both burner rings together when boiling or frying. The cooking grid is constructed from heavy-duty stainless steel rods with a removable inner ring for cooking with a wok.

Power Burners create a very focused flame for intense heat


Efficient design brings water to a boil in half the time compared to other power burners on the market
• A narrow width of 15 3/4″ allows for more room for other accessories or more counter space
• Stainless steel guard surrounds the burner rings protecting them from the wind and concentrates heat
• Illuminated control knobs for evening gatherings creates a sophisticated appearance
• Push and turn knob ignition system delivers a reliable flame with every start
• Removable stainless steel cover shields burners from outdoor elements
• Full-width drip tray for quick clean up
• A power transformer is included for the lights