Perlick Signature Series Left Hinge Outdoor Rated Ice Maker – H50IMS-L


Perlick has a 100-year history in designing and crafting performance products for residences and commercial facilities across the world. We appreciate the taste and value of a good drink, right from the comfort of our home. Our clear ice makers, approved for indoor and outdoor use, are built to perform and provide the best experience for you, your family and your friends.


Perlick Signature Series Left Hinge Outdoor Rated Ice Maker – H50IMS-L

The distinctive top hat shape of each ice cube from Perlick’s 15″ Signature Series Clear Ice Maker is more than an attractive look. It’s a part of Perlick’s commitment to performance, even for ice cubes.

Our clear ice cube maker creates 55 pounds of clear ice cubes each day that are designed to create a drink that’s:

  1. Fresh and chilled
  2. Not watered down
  3. Tasty and aesthetically pleasing

Advanced technology ensures each cube is free of impurities, emphasizing the drink’s flavor. The unique top hat shape of the ice cube creates flawless look and taste and prevents the ice from clumping, making a drink that’s easy to prepare and pleasing to the eye. Additionally, our residential clear ice cube makers are designed to produce ice that melts slower than other ice cubes, allowing you to enjoy your drink without it quickly getting watered down.

Optional drain pump (63802A) and stainless steel toe kick (67282) available.


All models are UL-rated for outdoor use
• Available in Signature Series and ADA Compliant models
• Durable stainless steel exterior
• All models available with stainless steel or panel ready door
• Produces up to 51 lbs. of ice per 24-hour period
• Storage capacity of 22 lbs. of ice
• UL-approved for outdoor use
• Power switch accessible without panel removal
• Easily disassembled water circuit for easy cleaning
• R-134a refrigerant
• Produces a distinctive top hat shape that is clear of imperfections
• Shape also prevents ice from clumping like traditional icemakers

Full three year warranty