Warming Trends 24-Inch Round Aluminum Plate With 120,000 BTU Natural Gas Burner And 24 Volt Electronic Ignition – CFB120NG+ALPL24C+P24VIKSCCG-NG


Innovation. Design. Performance. The CROSSFIRE Brass Burner by Warming Trends is a distinctive fire pit burner that utilizes cutting-edge technology to produce a taller, brighter, fuller flame. Leading the industry with a highly-engineered, precision product, Warming Trends is the original and only manufacturer of the CROSSFIRE Brass Burner.


Warming Trends 24-Inch Round Aluminum Plate With 120,000 BTU Natural Gas Burner And 24 Volt Electronic Ignition – CFB120NG+ALPL24C+P24VIKSCCG-NG

The patent-pending technology behind our CROSSFIRE Brass Burner uses a specific air-to-gas ratio at the point of combustion to produce a taller, brighter, fuller flame that resembles a natural, wood burning fire. We call this the Venturi Effect. Venturi Jet Technology generates high velocity gas flow and pulls more oxygen into the jet chamber – feeding the combination into the flame at the point of combustion. This causes the gas and oxygen mixture to shoot out of the jet at a high velocity as a super-charged flame, like water out of a fire hose.

CROSSFIRE Burner are made from brass, unlike other burners made from stainless steel, brass is corrosion resistant and will not rust, which eliminates the need for replacement. Each brass jet is strategically placed for for optimal heat and flame performance, since the flames are being pushed out so is the heat. The effect is more heat directed in a horizontal area so people can really feel the heat almost like like a wood fire. Intended for use with either propane or natural gas, these burners use close to half the fuel of conventional gas burners because of the unique regulation system. The 24Volt electronic ignition is one of the most reliable systems available featuring a heavy-duty glow plug, this ignition system has been built to withstand the rigors of regular use. You can expect it to light in the rainiest, snowiest, or windiest conditions. Other Electronic Ignition Systems have a sensor that monitors the presence of a flame. In our system the sensor actually monitors the presence of heat. If the flame happens to get blown out by the wind the sensor part of our system will detect that and consequently shut itself down momentarily. Then it will reignite itself. Typical response time from flame being blown out to reigniting is 15 seconds. Combine the All Weather Ignition with the CROSSFIRE Brass burner and a solid 1/8″ Aluminum Plate this burner is made to perform and last a lifetime.


  • 10 Jets
  • 24″ Aluminum plate
  • All Weather 24V Electronic Ignition
  • 120,000 BTUs
  • Suggest Inside Opening 24 1/2″-34″
  • Hot Wire Ignition with Heat Sensor
  • Brass Components are manufactured by American Craftsman
  • 100 % Non-Corrosive Brass Crossfire Burner Systems
  • Precision Engineering
  • Produces taller, brighter flames for a more authentic, appealing fire display
  • Lifetime warranty