Fire Magic Aurora A660I 30-Inch Built-In Natural Gas Grill with Rotisserie Burner A660I-8EAN




Fire Magic Aurora A660I 30-Inch Built-In Natural Gas Grill with Rotisserie Burner A660I-8EAN

Superior design and engineering power the Aurora’s unparalleled performance. With many of the same features as its sister Echelon Series, the Aurora Series grill delivers cooking versatility, durability and longevity in a beautifully crafted machine. Diamond Sear Cooking Grids are superior! Diamond Sear Cooking Grids have a patented* design with bars that have a smooth flat top; each individual bar measures over .35” wide at the top covering over one half of the total cooking surface. Each bar is shaped to optimally transfer the heat from the burners to the cooking surface so food cooks faster and more evenly! The Flavor Grids above the burners perform by allowing heat to rise unobstructed from the burner to cooking grids and feature a new built in heat shield for better zone control. They disperse heat quickly and evenly flavor the food by vaporizing juices and minimizing flare ups and grease fires. What I like most they are  easy to clean and maintain. The Burners are made of ¼” Thick Cast 304 Stainless Steel 304 grade burners weighing up to 12 lbs, featuring a lifetime warranty. Designed with a protective lip above the ports to prevent clogging from grease. Guaranteed for life. The Aurora is powered by a Hot Surface Ignition System that  is the most advanced and reliable lighting system available. Simply push in the control knob to activate the hot surface, turn up the gas, and light your grill. 110V electricity needed. All Fire Magic Echelon and Aurora (A790 & A660) Grills are offered with an optional Magic View Window, which allows you to monitor grilled foods without lifting the hood and losing valuable heat.


New Flavor grid design incorporates the zone heat dividers for better heat control

  • Diamond Sear stainless steel cooking grids
  • 18,000 BTU Rotisserie Burner
  • Interior halogen lighting system
  • Blue LED front panel lighting
  • Hot Surface Electronic ignition
  • Warming rack
  • Distinctively designed analog thermometer with polished bezel
  • Solid brass valves for precise temperature control and long life
  • Heavy duty 304 series stainless steel construction
  • Advanced high-quality cast stainless steel burners
  • Stainless steel vaporizer panels for even heat distribution
  • Easy to use drip collection system
  • All Built-In Models available in Natural Gas with Propane conversion kit included.